A J Dalton

Fiction & Non Fiction Writer

A J Dalton (the 'A' is for Adam) is an international author of fantasy and science fiction. He has published ten novels, including the Empire of the Saviours trilogy with Gollancz and The Book of Angels with Grimbold Books. He runs the Metaphysical Fantasy website (www.ajdalton.eu), where there is advice for aspiring writers and plenty to entertain fans of SFF. In addition to his creative publications, he writes academically about current science fiction and fantasy, and contributed an article to Gender Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction, published by Luna Press Publishing.

 Completing and publishing his PhD in Creative Writing last year (The Sub-Genres of British Fantasy Literature, published by Luna Press Publishing), Adam is now a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing for Falmouth University.

For Luna Press Publishing:

The sub-genres of British Fantasy Literature 2016; Gender identity and sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction 2017; A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction (Release date 14/8/19)


Luna Awards: Nominated for the BSFA Awards 2017 for The sub-genres of British Fantasy Literature.

His article, "Gender-identity and sexuality in current sub-genres of British fantasy literature: do we have a problem?" is included in the British Fantasy Award 2018 Winner, Gender identity and sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction, edited by Francesca T Barbini.

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