Alistair Sims

Non Fiction Writer

Alistair Sims is an independent bookseller and researcher. He gained his PhD in archaeology from Bangor University in 2014, examining fictional narrative in archaeology.

During his PhD, Alistair worked on-site for two years, from 2011 to 2013, as writer-in-residence at the Meillionyndd excavation, creating fictional narratives. He was seminar leader for a short period in 2011, teaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students in heritage studies.

During his graduation in July 2014, Alistair was in the process of starting the independent bookshop, Books on the Hill, situated in Clevedon, which also specialises in Fantasy literature. The bookshop opened in August the same year and has been running for over four years. Alistair is a regular attendee at fantasy conventions (FantasyCon, FollyCon, Edge-lit, BristolCon).

 His interests are multi-disciplinary, ranging from archaeology, history, science theory, literature theory and Celtic Studies, to fencing with twangy swords, non-twangy historical swords, books and more books, and the illusive Norwegian forest cat that he has yet to own.

In 2017, Alistair got back on the academic horse and participated in the second European Celtic symposium with the paper: Celtic Obsession in Modern Fantasy, which is awaiting publication in the symposium’s proceedings. On the back of this, he is co-editing, with Dr. Dimitra Fimi, Celtic Obsession in Modern Fantasy Literature.


For Luna Press Publishing: Four Rules: Defining Fantasy Literature (Release Date Autumn 2019).

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