Count The Tolls

by Anthony Laken

Steampunk/Fantasy adventure.

Book III of the Infinity Machine Series.

Release date: 2020

Book I: One Cog Turning

Book II: On Dark Horizons

The Austerity Cure: The Impact of Benefit Sanctions on Mental Health.

by Michelle Jamieson

Academia Lunare

Anthropocene Series #1

Release date 04/02/2020.


by Franziska Wenzel

SFF Colouring book for adult and YA.

Release date 11/02/2020.

The Pleasure of Drowning

by Jean Bürlesk

Fantasy collection of revisited fairy tales for general trade.

Release date Eastercon 2020.

The Emerald Tree

by Nina Oram

YA Fantasy, Irish Mythology.

Book II of The Joining Trilogy

Release 31/03/2020.

Launch Party in Galway on Friday 03/04/2020.

The Satanic in Fantasy and Science Fiction

by AJ Dalton

Academia Lunare.

Release 07/04/2020.

Launch at Concentric (Eastercon 2020).


by Francesco Verso

Italian SF novel.

English Rights acquired from Future Fiction, Italy.

Release 10/04/2020.

Launch at Concentric (Eastercon 2020).

Where the Oceans Meets the Sky

by Barbara Stevenson

Short Story collection.


Release 19/05/2020.

Sons of Storm

by Francesca Noto

Fantasy Male Romance novel.

English Rights acquired from Astro Edizioni Italy.

In set-up

Release date: 26/05/2020

Of Fire and Stone

by Nina Oram

YA Fantasy

Book III of The Joining Trilogy

Est. release 2020.

Club Ded

by Nikhil Singh

SF Novel.


Represented by Sarah Such Literary Agency.

In editing.

Release 02/06/2020.

The Troutespond Series 

Books 4 to 6

by Elizabeth Priest

Teen Fantasy 

Represented by John Jarrold Literary Agency.

In editing.

Book 4 release est. late 2020.

The Rule of Four

by Alistair Sims

Academia Lunare

Est. release 2021.

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