Lorianne Reuser

Non Fiction

I am currently an independent scholar searching for an avenue of academic inquiry that can bring together my various interests into one topic. Inspired equally by my almost religious obsession with JRR Tolkien’s legendarium, and by a childhood crush on Roddy McDowall’s Octavian in “Cleopatra", I obtained degrees in English Literature and Greek and Roman Studies. My interests then led me to teach on a small island in the middle of Japan, where I increasingly came to appreciate how popular culture helps to construct a society’s collective identity. After four years of pilgrimages, sushi, One Piece and J-Pop, my travels took me to Dublin, Ireland, where I completed an MPHIL in Popular Literature, with a thesis on nostalgic childhood in Stephen King’s novels.

Currently, I am composing essays for my own amusement, re-acclimatizing to Canadian winters, and trying to cope with living so very far from a proper pint of Guinness. 


For Luna Press Publishing: Gender identity and sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction. 2017

Luna Awards: British Fantasy Award Winner 2018 for Gender identity and sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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