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Great Fun At The Apple Store!

What a Saturday morning I had! I absolutely love doing events with my young readers, and this time there was an added techno-touch. Normally the kids use pen and paper to bring their creations to life, but yesterday morning it was all very technological.

We met at the Apple Store in Princes Street, where Andy Unger, Mark and Daniel helped me create a fun-tastic event. We explored art and sketchy apps to use on the iPad Pro (the new one, which is smaller) with the Apple Pencil.

After looking at the inventions in Tijaran Tales, the young ones and their parents went hard at it, creating something new for the future. I had a great time, as I always do when I meet my readers. Thank you for coming along!

And here are our winning heroes - click on the pictures to find out more about these incredible inventions!


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