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"The Girl From The Sky" Is Coming!

As most of you know, I started as a self-published author. For years, during my undergraduate life, I worked on the first book of my dream series, Tijaran Tales, a Teen science fiction series set on a terraformed Moon. I was bringing to life the world I always wanted to live in, without giving much thought to what to do with it once the book was finished. And I can tell you that even completing that first book was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

Then, in 2011, I took the plunge and went solo, releasing Tijaran Tales White Child on August 11th. By the time the third book, The Nuarn Rift, came out, I had a publishing contract with a Canadian publisher and I couldn't have been happier. In 2015, Luna came along, and bringing the series home simply made perfect sense to me.

On April 14th 2017, the sixth and last book of the series will be released, and it will mark the end of an era for my personal list of accomplishments. If I thought that completing one book felt amazing, finishing a series is on a level of its own. Ultimately, writing challenges you, your character and your perseverance. Of course I love it when the kids talk about the world I have created in excitement; of course I love 'meet the author' gigs; of course I love that someone else other than me is getting a kick out of my imagination, but I still am my own biggest critic and my own biggest fan. And I don't mean that in a proud, self-inflated way - it's not like I'm Tolkien, you know! What I mean is that I have poured so much love into these stories that they are real to me. They are alive in my mind. And that truly makes me happy.

It is with immense pride that I introduce you to the last of my babies: Tijaran Tales - The Girl from the Sky. Artist Jay Johnstone has returned once again to gift us with a new, haunting cover.

The official launch will be held at Eastercon 2017, the annual UK Science Fiction convention. I hope some of you will be there to celebrate with me. This year we will be in Birmingham and I cannot wait to see you there!

The book is in pre-order already, in both print and e-book. On the Luna website it's discounted and, if you are one of our subscribers, you will receive a further discount with the 1st of March newsletter.

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