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Luna has always been about opportunities. We also have a soft spot for giving and, together with some of our authors, we share our profits with charities.

As a self-published author, I had to learn many technical skills pertaining to the creation of PDF and e-pub files. Ultimately, these are the files that will be uploaded to Kindle or Lulu, etc. I often get asked questions about 'how to' create such files. For some it's a fun challenge, but for others it's a nightmare! Often people don't have time, or feel that learning technical skills will detract from writing, which is really all they want to do.

At one of our latest conventions, I was approached by two people. Their requests created the seed for Chapter One.

The Backstory

The first person was a self-published author. I had just finished my panel appearance, when I was approached by a man in his thirties. Discussing the step-by-step process of book file creation, he told me in no uncertain terms that he had no intention of investing his already short time in learning IT skills, and no inclination to pay monthly subscription fees for a DTP (Desk Top Publisher). He was a writer and wanted to write. However, the costs of hiring file creators were often prohibitive.

Later that day, a lady in her mid-forties told me how, upon returning to work after raising her children, she was struggling to catch up with all the latest technical advances. She wanted to freelance and was looking for opportunities to learn new IT skills. I explained how I also went through a huge learning curve to master Adobe InDesign, first for myself, then for Luna Press. 'Do you, or someone from your team, mind teaching me?' she asked. I couldn't commit outright, so I left her with a 'leave it with me'.

Talking to the Luna Team, later on, we considered several factors: finding time for pro-bono work, but also what to do to make the experience memorable and worthwhile for the learner. The solution was Chapter One - A Training Programme with a Heart.

What's in it for the learner?

Chapter One is more than just 'publishing services'. It is a training programme. Chapter One supports the training of learners, irrespective of age, who want to work with DTPs. Under the supervision of the Chapter One team, they will learn the skills for successfully using Adobe InDesign in the preparation of PDF and e-Pub files, earning experience and money in the process.

What's in it for the self-published author?

Self-published authors are in the safe hands of the professional Chapter One team which won't leave you out-of-pocket: it costs only £50 to have a manuscript converted into both PDF and e-Pub files, according to the author's specifications.

Join us in empowering people and strengthening the workforce.

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