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What's New on the Website

The open submission week is in full swing and we are receiving entries at a steady pace. We are delighted with the synopses - which of course means that deciding which ones to explore further will be really tough.

The website update was meant to happen before the Open Sub Week, but time got away. Still, it's here now.

What's changed?

1. At the end of the summer, while staring at a calendar of projects to keep us busy for months to come, we took the decision to suspend Chapter One. As you may know, this training programme for the community was based on offering our team's time and skills for teaching how to create publishing files. The customer made the request and the trainee would be paid for the work.

We are sorry to let this go, but time is a price to pay for small businesses.

2. Most of you know how Luna started, where we are at and where we are going. If you are new to our family, I have created a page called "Francesca & Luna: The Short Story of a Press". I thought you might like to know :).

3. The Flash Fiction page from 2017 is now gone. BR-FLit successfully replaced our classic Beyond Realities short story contest this year, while we dealt with the increase in work. It is our intention to return to BR, hopefully next year. You'll know, for sure.

4. I wanted to raise awareness of our Patreon page, in case you should stumble upon our name on that website. I started it two years ago, but never actually activated it. I am aware that similar sized businesses have also created one. I'll give it some more thought before making a decision.

5. Finally, a reminder that we now have a Loyal Luna Reward Card for those of you who buy through our store directly. This is because, when you do that, our authors receive more royalties, as we cut out the middle man. Plus, I like to reward loyalty :) .

Thanks for your patience, and happy reading!



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