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D. M. Beucler: Welcome to the Luna Family!

Author's picture. A woman, smiling. She wears glasses, a purple top under a black cardigan, and has purple highlights through her medium lenght brown hair.
Denise M Beucler

We are delighted to welcome to the Luna family, American writer Denise M Beucler! Her debut fantasy novel, Memory and Magic, will be published in Autumn 2025.

Denise's MS came to Luna through our June open window, and we are very proud to be the home of her debut. If you like Austen-like heroine, Bridgerton and blood magic, this book is definitely for you!

Tara Bush will be creating the cover art for Memory and Magic! We are always super excited to work with Tara.

About the novel:

Blood magic has taken everything from Tamsin already. When she meets Rhys, an aristocratic amnesiac, she gets embroiled in a treasonous plot that someone wants him to forget. To unravel the conspiracy, Tamsin must navigate her familiar working-class streets and the aristocracy’s balls. Her wits & talents in blood magic are the only things that stand between her country and civil war.

Denise on Memory and Magic:

I love adventures, and Austen, and old clothing, and the ephemera we leave behind.

Tamsin and Rhys were born from a little bit of all of that: Elinor Dashwood meets high adventure. 

Tamsin was born out of my love for practical women who can adapt to almost any circumstance, and I created Rhys while exploring the idea of who a person is if their experiences have been stripped from them.

And then of course you add blood magic!

About Denise M. Beucler:

Denise is a writer, fiber artist, and professional chaos manager residing in Ohio with her husband. She has two kids, three cats, and more sewing machines and looms than anyone should practically need. Denise spent much of her childhood in Pern, Tortall, and Prydain. A Viable Paradise alumna, she now spends her days herding children and writing imaginary histories.


Memory and Magic will be released in 2025 - keep in touch through our newsletter to follow the publication progress.

Once again: Welcome, Denise!


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