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God Speed, Gareth L Powell!

On the 31st of March, we say goodbye to one of the Luna Family, for the first time ever. Most of you already know that it is Gareth L. Powell I'm referring too. But for positive reasons - let me add in haste!

Last summer we announced in a Vlog from Dublin, that his writing guide, About Writing, published by Luna Press in June 2019, had been sold to Gollancz. And so this coming summer, you will all be able to purchase a new and expanded edition of this very useful book.

I am so delighted for Gareth - he has really put a lot of work into nurturing the writing community on Twitter, by sharing his experience along the way. And it was out of this generosity, that the idea for this book came to be. I still remember chatting to Gareth via Twitter messages, trying to think about the book format and what we wanted to accomplish. It was essentially a continuation of what Gareth was already doing on Twitter, but in a more structured manner. And so all his recommendations and experiences, were compiled into this pocket-size field guide for new writers.

We did the launch at Cymera, in Edinburgh, and the book was incredibly well received, as you can imagine. As a small press I enjoy a lot of freedom in terms of what projects to take on, and I can decide based on what I want to publish, rather than what is expected - remember what I always say: at Luna we publish by heart.

When Gollancz proposed to bring the book further, to the next level, we could all see it was a natural progression. I am a little press working for my authors: this type of news is fantastic and rather exciting for a little press.

You may still find some existing copies on the internet, but we have officially ceased distribution now, so no more new About Writing.

Thank you Gareth, for journeying with us!

Check out his new book though! Here is the link to the Gollancz's store.

Now, as some of you may know, we have another fabulous guide coming out next year, brought to you by the very talented Tiffani Angus and Val Nolan: Spec-Fic for Newbies. This is going to be a proper hands on guide, with practical tasks to get your ideas going, but also with a lot of useful chapters on all the different kinds of speculative fiction genres.

If you've missed that news, go read it now!

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