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Pre-orders are now open for Of Fire and Stone!

The Carrowkeel series, Nina Oram's teen fantasy series steeped in Irish mythology, is coming to an end. Book III, Of Fire and Stone, is now in pre-order! Congratulations, Nina! You did it!

The very talented Bede Rogerson has given us yet another fabulous cover run.

The book will be released on the 8th of December. And if you have someone in mind who would enjoy an exciting trilogy over the winter holidays, there will be bundles waiting in the store for you!

About The Joining:

Sixteen-year-old Jasmin has just moved to the seemingly idyllic west of Ireland with her mother and stepfather. Weird things soon begin to happen around her, though. There’s the strange man with black eyes who seems to be following her around Ireland, a local farmer who takes an unusually strong interest in her, and a cryptic warning from a man who carves Irish myths into wood. When a visit to a Megalithic tomb propels Jasmine into a world of supernatural power, something ancient awakens inside her. But it also attracts evil, as a druid, shunned by his order, craves her power too. The dangers of her awakening will affect all around her, taking its toll on everyone she holds dear. About The Emerald Tree:

Jasmine has travelled back in time to rescue her friend, Malachy. In her heart, she is harbouring thoughts of revenge against her nemesis, the druid Ellyllon. Meanwhile, Granuaile, the powerful pirate queen of Western Ireland, is also seeking him. Once again, Jasmine’s powers hold the key to success, but her doubts are growing about friends and foes alike. Worse still, Ellyllon is no longer her only enemy. As she travels the lands, the voices inside her are growing stronger. Harsher.

About Of Fire and Stone:

War is brewing. In the time of the Celts, Jasmine’s old enemy, Ellyllon, is gathering Irish druids to him in preparation. Desperate to stop him, Jasmine and Seamus join with Drendas, the most powerful druid in Connacht. But Drendas is a disciple of the Tuatha De Danaan Goddess, Brigid, and obsessed with her prophecy. He seems drawn to Jasmine, making her question why, and what exactly she has to do with the prophecy. She has learned also that Iomlan is still growing inside her. She is becoming more powerful than Ellyllon could ever be. But at what cost? As her powers grow stronger and increasingly violent, Jasmine must face her greatest fear: that no power on Earth will be able to stop her from becoming the very thing she is seeking to destroy. About the author:

Nina Oram lives in the West of Ireland with her Irish partner and a black cat called Cara. She writes fantasy and horror short stories, using Irish, British and European folklore as her inspiration, and particularly enjoys playing with the idea that ancient myths and legends are still with us, lying largely undetected beneath the science and veneer of the modern world. She has had short stories published in Ireland, the UK and the US. While completing her YA fantasy trilogy, The Carrowkeel Series, she continues to write short stories.


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