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The Flicker Against the Light - YouTube Premiere

Updated: May 7, 2021

If you've missed the launch for Jane Alexander's The Flicker Against the Light and Writing the Contemporary Uncanny, you can watch it now.

We created the video to celebrate the opening of pre-orders - click here to pre-order the book with a discount price.

Here is the content breakdown, in case you are in a hurry - the time stamps will work from within the video info panel on YouTube:


How Jane joined the Luna family 01:05

How this hybrid collection was born 02:12

About the stories in the collection 05:40

Jane's favourite technology from the book 10:13

Jane's favourite story 13:00

About the essay "Writing the Contemporary Uncanny" 14:41

The Uncanny in our subconscious 17:20

Writing long form Vs short form 20:23

Writing novellas - tips 23:40

Jane's current project 27:02

Conclusion 28:01

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