Release Date 07/06/2019 at Cymera Festival, in Edinburgh. (Have your book shipped there directly, if you are coming along: Gareth will be there too!)


Gareth L Powell is an award-winning and widely lauded author at the forefront of current speculative fiction. His passion for the genre, along with a refreshingly open and honest relationship with his fans, shows why he is such a unique talent.


In About Writing, Powell shares his insights and tips from the world of fiction. More than just an instructional how-to, this is a practical, inspirational field guide, and a unique, invaluable insight into what it takes to be a successful author.

About Writing

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  • “Brilliant.” – The Guardian

    “Genius.” – Barnes & Noble

    “When you have an imagination like Gareth Powell’s, you must write or paint or otherwise vent that imagination through art so your head won’t explode.” – New York Journal of Books

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