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Release Date: 12 March 2024.

Ebook and Paperback available in all the usual online retailers.

Book Launch on YouTube: here.  


Drawing on a decade of teaching at Mexican universities, Ricardo Victoria-Uribe has teamed up with pharmaceutical chemist Martha Elba González-Alcaraz to create an introductory guide to sustainability, in an accessible way.


Tapping into Science Fiction and Fantasy across several media formats, examining anime, books, movies, and TV, the authors have created a practical resource for students, writers, and readers alike, who want to know more about just how big a part sustainability plays in everyday life. And, most importantly, how the future of humanity on this planet depends on our engagement with it.

Green New Worlds

SKU: 978-1-915556-30-1
  • "This book is intended to be an introductory guide to sustainability through the lens of science fiction and fantasy. It is just that. I can’t think of a book that rivals it in terms of the breadth of topics that it covers across the spectrum of sustainability and the clarity with which these topics are introduced."

    Dr Vicky Lofthouse, Sustainability consultant, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design, Loughborough Design School


    "Thousands of books have been trying to explain sustainability and everything around the subject. None manage to pique the interest as much as this book, which has the best current pop culture examples to help us understand that Gaia (Earth) should be protected by the bright side of the Force. Without a doubt, this is the best way to explain subjects that seem complex from the outside. The book uses examples from Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons and Star Trek among many other references that we know, and are intimately related to each explained concept. I will use this book so my students understand the difference between Quality of Life and Lifestyle, both concepts determinant to establish the relationship between consumption and the way we have been destroying the planet. It’s not late. It all depends on how we use the Force."

    Dr. Mauricio Rangel-Jiménez
    Professor in the Design Department at the Metropolitan Autonomous University (Campus Azcapotzalco) 
    Editor in Chief of the Journal of Roleplaying Studies and STEAM

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