Release Date May 31, 2022

Limited Collector Edition - Details:


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Hardback, Case Laminated, Jacket.

This special edition is limited to 50 copies. Each copy contains an extra page with the hand-written: signature of the author, item number out of 50 and a unique design; a printed special extract chosen by the author and no ISBN number.

If you would like a special dedication please leave a note at that time of placing the order.


All Collector Editions will be available to pre-order until the 30th of May, and will be shipped by the end of June.


Also available as:

Hardback, Laminate Case and Jacket

E-book available in all the usual retailers.


Marjeta Petrell.
Replacement bride, shadow of a dead and perfect wife, step-mother to a duke’s treasured daughter.
A girl out of her depth, alone and afraid.
Magic runs deep in her veins, stitched in blood ties, embroidered with kindness and pain.
In an unfamiliar court, Marjeta must discover who are her friends and who are enemies; who she can trust before she is accused of witchcraft and executed.


You can watch the YouTube Book launch here.

Limited Collector Edition: Cast Long Shadows