Special Price Bundle Release Date 8 February 2022

Luna Novella Series #1-12


Featuring all the 12 novellas of the series:


John's Eyes - Joanna Corrance (SF)

Just Add Water - John Dodd (SF)

Dread and The Broken Witch - Andrew Wallace (Fantasy)

The Future God of Love - Dilman Dila (Fantasy)

Skin for Skin - Terry Grimwood (Dark Fantasy)

Clockwork Sister - M E Rodman (Fantasy)

Hovering - Dorothy-Jane Daniels (Dark Fantasy)

A Face in the Leaves - Nina Oram (Folk Dark Fantasy)

The Moment You Remember, You Forget - Tiffany Jimenez (Magical Realism)

The Chancels of Mainz - Russell Hemmell (Historical Horror)

Luca - Or Luca (Magical Realism)

The Queen of the High Fields - Rhiannon A Grist (Folk Dark Fantasy)




Watch the YouTube Book Launch for #1-6 here, and the video launch for 7-12 here

Novella Bundle #1-12

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