Out April 12 2022.


Alone in the universe after the destruction of Mars, Catarina Solovias joins the Starlight Eagle, under the banner of Charles Godstorm, a wealthy merchant who disguises his true nature as a murderer and thief. They encounter a ship from another time that rips them out of their own timeline and into the far future, where they are captured by the mysterious Morgan.


Godstorm trades Catarina’s life for his, leaving her to find her way anew in a universe she has no knowledge of.


An epic tale of hope and loss, stars and ships, set upon a backdrop of the tyranny of time and the dreams of a people yearning to be free, in a universe like no other, the Ocean of Stars.


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Ocean of Stars

SKU: 978-1-913387-95-2
  • "Dodd delivers heart, panache and style to a story taking very familiar SF elements and yet finding a very creative way of delivering them differently. [...]  a superbly enjoyable reading experience. Its good hearted (ish) pirates in space crossed with the plotting, wit and depth of Babylon 5 and that is not praise I dish out lightly. Go get this and please tell me what you felt at the end of Book 1. Dodd is an author to watch closely!" Full review at Runalong The Shelves