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Twenty-first Century Receptions of Tolkien: Peter Roe Series XXI

Hosted online, the Tolkien Society 2021 winter seminar sought to explore how J.R.R. Tolkien has been received in the twenty-first century. With a broad range of Tolkien’s writings being published in the last twenty-two years, adaptions embellishing on Tolkien’s stories, and new philosophies offering innovative ways to read Tolkien, the twenty-first century continues to bring us revised visions of Tolkien. This proceedings offers a range of insights into how recent adaptions and philosophies have expanded Tolkien’s legendarium. It was also the first of three seminars that the Tolkien Society hosted online in 2021, collectively welcoming over 1600 people from across the globe.

Published under the auspices of the Society’s Peter Roe Memorial Fund, this proceedings features a collection of four papers delivered at the Tolkien Society 2021 winter seminar.



Introduction - Will Sherwood 


Middle-earth: Shadow of War as the new shadow - Jelena Filipovic 


Artists from Middle-earth: a 21st-century dive into J.R.R. Tolkien’s Secondary World - Marie Bretagnolle


Nazgûl Taller Than Night: Tolkien and Speculative Realism - Nick Groom


Tolkien’s Grave as a Site of Memory - Mina D. Lukić and Dejan M. Vukelić




Not The Fellowship. Dragons Welcome! is the sixth Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

This call was created to foreground Middle-earth characters, across ages and races, who may not be as familiar as the fellowship.




Francesca T Barbini - Introduction


Amie Angèle Brochu (Canada) “Steward of Trees and Forests: Treebeard’s Symbolic Role in Folklore, Environmental Protection and Eco-Critical Awareness”


Scott Chaussée (USA) “The Last Prince of Cardolan: Memory and mediation in the mortuary archaeology of Middle-earth”


Catherine A. Coundjeris (USA) “Éowyn as Light Bearer”


A J Dalton (UK) “What is so fabulous about Smaug?”


Brendan Dyer (USA) “Glorfindel: Tolkien’s Intertextual Link Between The First And The Third Age”


Jyrki Korpua (Finland) “Master of Fate, yet by fate mastered” – Tolkien’s Túrin Turambar and Kalevala’s Kullervo”


Elise Caemasache McKenna (USA) “The Dyscatastrophe of Túrin Turambar”


Angela P. Nicholas (UK) “Finrod Felagund: His Life, Influence and Legacy”


Enrico Spadaro & Mauro Toninelli (Italy) “The Gaffer: between cabbages and potatoes”


Renée Vink (Netherlands) “Tal-Elmar and the Unrepresented Natives of Middle-earth”


Dawn Walls-Thumma (USA) “Cartography of a Character: On (Re)Writing Nerdanel”


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