Nina Oram Shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the British Fantasy Awards 2020, for The Joining!


Sixteen-year-old Jasmin has just moved to the seemingly idyllic west of Ireland with her mother and stepfather.

Weird things soon begin to happen around her, though.

There’s the strange man with black eyes who seems to be following her around Ireland, a local farmer who takes an unusually strong interest in her, and a cryptic warning from a man who carves Irish myths into wood.

When a visit to a Megalithic tomb propels Jasmine into a world of supernatural power, something ancient awakens inside her. But it also attracts evil, as a druid, shunned by his order, craves her power too.

The dangers of her awakening will affect all around her, taking its toll on everyone she holds dear.


5* This book is, in my opinion, one of the best books I have ever read. It is excellently written, very well thought out. The characters and storyline were very unique and brought a completely different side to magic and the west coast of Ireland. while reading this book I was reminded of another great Irish series, Skulduggery Pleasant. It was very entertaining because you never know what would happen next. It was funny at parts,then the next scene could be a complete turn-around and very scary. I would recommend this book for 10+-year-olds This book is complete, with a good mix between magic, thriller, horror and comedy. [Brian Delaney's son on Goodreads]



5* After having three children, I have read a lot of books for children. This one has been added to a list of favourites and I would recommend it.I love the story and didn't want to put it down. I was disappointed when it ended, I cant wait for the next one.The book is a great portrayal of a normal teenager, trying to cope with many changes, even before the supernatural powers arrive. Jasmine is a temperamental and confused teenager, and I felt sorry for her. She was also sarcastic and funny with a strong sense of loyalty, and I liked her.The writing style really worked at dragging me in and I found myself nervous for Jasmine, I was desperate to read on to check she was OK.The relationships within the family were well rounded and showed parents trying to deal with a difficult teenager who won't really talk to them. [Samantha Rayner on Goodreads]



5* I read this book in two days!! A really good read that sucks you into the story really really well and really quickly. Well written, very atmospheric. The descriptions of Ireland and the Celtic sites are very good and you can almost feel the weather when reading. I’m nearly 60 and I enjoyed it very much, my granddaughter is 12 and she is enjoying it too. A great read for any age. When I read the De Vinci code I wanted to go to Paris and visit the sites mentioned, which I did. Similarily I now want to go to Ireland and experience the atmosphere of the sites ...... a really good sign in my view as this is only the second book in my lifetime to make me feel that way. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. [Shelley Banning]

The Joining: Book I of the Carrowkeel Series - Digital


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