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Sourone, the Dank lord of Bad-Odour, is on a mission to reclaim his lost nose ring from his Goth days. To prevent this, stage magician and estate agent, The Grand Alf, enlists the help of several half-witted Halfbits, a drunken Elf, a smelly Dwarf with a fake beard, and two men with the intellect of a single shop dummy between them. No wonder people are fleeing to the Uncrying Lands.

Mark Egginton has lived and breathed The Lord of the Rings for decades (he literally has a copy of the book stuck to his face). His love and knowledge of it has been poured into this parody in a truly unique way. Quick wit and sharp humour will accompany you on this quest to Mount Gloom.

Dare you join in?


5* "The author obviously knows his Tolkien inside and out to parody LotR with such skill! This kept me laughing for ages." Helen on


5* "Should be a movie, a good read if you like lord of the rings you will love this" Amazon Customer on


5 * - "An enjoyable book I couldn't put it down. a parody done very cleverly. I'd say the author reads lotr books too much and has a strange sense of humour. Highly recommended looking forward to future works from this author." Amazon Customer on


5* - "There are two kinds of parody. The first is basically mockery, often done by people who hate the work they're parodying, or simply as an attempt to cash in on whatever is currently popular. Ultimately, such works are boring and an effort to read because the author is writing in 'sneer' mode.
The second kind of 'parody', which we have here, is more of a tribute: the author actually loves and respects the original work and wants to share his joy in it. Also, and again unlike the mocking kind of parody, this author knows Tolkien's creation backwards, and I'm sure there are jokes and references in here which only other Tolkien obsessives will get!
Basically, fun, knowing, clever, and a little bit silly - reminded me of a kind of Goons/Python/Carry On mash up." By Davem on


5* - "Whether your a fan of Tolkiens original work, or of the more recent films, there is something for everyone here!This book is written with so much passion and respect for Tolkiens original work. You can see that the Author is a huge fan of Tolkien, but here, that passion has been used to such great effect to create a highly amusing, knowledgable and creative Parody that is so refreshing to read.There are so many references here for those that know the original inside and out and for those that don't.It's a great read that comes highly recommended!Miss it at your perilBuy it, and join us all on a trip to Mount Gloom!" By Andrew P on


5* - "I thought I knew what to expect from this book, I expected a smile a titter and maybe the occasional chortle.What I was treated to was guffaws and rib tickling laughter in a narrative that moved along at a cracking pace!It's fun and entertaining and a delight especially with the comparisons constantly drawn to a certain other well known work.Heck just the characters names cracked me up!I'm very much looking forward to the next instalment, and the inevitable film adaptation...!" By Amazon Customer on


5* - "A parody from someone who actually knows Tolkien's main work inside out! A clever laugh!" By Trixter on


5* - "Great read,very funny in lots of places.Shows a lot of thought went into this novel by the author. Can't wait till his next work." By Steve Heron on


5* - "This reminds me of Monty Pythons and the Carry On film, so funny, even the names are hilarious. As a life long Tolkien fan this is the best parody I have read, I highly recommend this to everyone." By Miakat04 on


The Lord of the Grins

  • You can find the e-book version of The Lord of the Grins under the following ISBN number: 9781911143116

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