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Shortlisted for Comic/Graphic Novel at the British Fantasy Awards 2020!


Fresh from gaining a PhD in atmospheric sciences, Paavo moves from Finland to the Netherlands to study ozone with the use of satellite measurements. Life in a new country isn't without its hiccups but, then again, nothing worthwhile ever is. Armed with keen wits, a trusty bicycle, and a healthy passion for science, join Paavo for this fish-out-of-water tale with a difference.


The Ozone Diary is a truly unique graphic novel, offering a refreshing perspective on how science is put into practice, and the adventure of starting a new life abroad.


Pentti Otsamo (illustrations) is an award-winning comic book artist and illustrator. Tero Mielonen (script) is an atmospheric scientist and a comic book enthusiast.

The Ozone Diary

SKU: 9781911143833
  • For the first time the everyday life of a young scientist is described with honesty…high-quality work.” Dr. Tiera Laitinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute

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