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Release Date 8 February 2022

BFS Awards Winner 2023 for Best Novella

SCKA Awards Shortlist 2023 for Best Novella

BSFA Awards Longlist 2023 for Best Short Fiction



Two misfits, Carys Price and Angharad ‘Hazard’ Evans, strike out from their disenfranchised seaside town to take ownership of the High Fields, a mythical island brimming with world-bending promise.

Objecting to the demands of modern society, they hope to find a place where they can live as they choose, but instead they find an ancient power that tears their friendship apart.

Ten years later, Carys returns to the collapsing world of the High Fields to face the terrifying power of the friend-turned-goddess she left behind.


Watch the YouTube Book Launch here

The Queen of the High Fields

SKU: 978-1-913387-89-1
    • “cool as fuck, black mirror-esque” - Monstrous Regiment

    • “acidly satirical (...) a rising star in sci-fi and speculative fiction” - Hedera Felix

    • “astonishing and vivid” - The Selkie


    "I loved the approach taken in Rhiannon A Grist’s fantasy novella The Queen of the High Fields that mixes modern Wales, obsession, and ancient Welsh myth into a tale of wonders and also things to fear. [...]

    The Queen of the High Fields is a very impressive story, ending this year’s series of Luna Novella and I am very pleased to say it was another story that sucked me in. If you enjoy myth, horror and well constructer characters to unpeel the layers of; then I can confirm this story is for you. Highly recommended!" Run Along the Shelves

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