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Book 2 of the Tijaran Tales series. 


13 year old Julius McCoy is about to start his second year at Tijara Academy, in the Zed Lunar Perimeter. With the threat of the Arneshians averted for the moment, he can get on with the important part of his school life: developing his rare mind-skills.Of course, what any student on Zed looks forward to most, is gaming in the Hologram Palace. But who is the mysterious lady hidden in one of the games? This encounter will set in motion an exciting and dangerous treasure hunt, that will give him a whole new perspective on the real history of Zed, and ultimately beyond, to a shocking truth that could jeopardise the safety of everyone he holds dear.When an old enemy returns, it becomes clear that the Arneshians are back with a new plan for taking over Zed and seizing control of Earth. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and he is drawn towards a climactic showdown, it will take all of Julius’s mind-skills as he is forced into a deadly final duel. All this and more is waiting for you in the latest instalment of the Tijaran Tales series, The Oracle of Life.


5✩."The 2nd book in the series, and a great followup to the first book. The book develops each of the characters nicely, and you cannot help but get caught up in the mystery as it unfolds, famous five style, delving into the history and details of the world of Julius and Zed.
The book immerses you in the world of Julius, and it's easy to get drawn into it, and feel like you are right there with them, and seeing the fantastic world develop in your imagination." By N. Fisher on


5✩. "I loved this book as much as I loved the first one. It was, again, a quick and easy read, but it's a total page turner, and I stayed up half the night reading it. The character development is believeable, and the author deals with the onset of "romantic feelings" in a believable and appropriate way. I loved being able to find out more about the world, and I enjoy the fact that there are lots of different jobs for people who come out of the Academy!Just makes me want more! Give me the third book soon!" By Andra on


5✩. "I really enjoyed the follow up to White Child... it was very easy to read and continued the adventures of the four friends in a very easy and accessible way. The story held your attention throughout and had a very good pace. The development of the characters and their relationships with one another was very touching. It left you looking for more and wondering what lies in store for Julius and his friends. I think these adventures are merely the tip of the iceberg and I imagine this is only a preparation for more serious things to come....can't wait for the next one! I would recommend this book to adults and children alike!" By AM on


5✩. "The characters are all described really well and you do feel empathy for the four friends as the story unfolds. It has intrigue, with themes of friendship and growing up. As I was reading I was willing the Skirts to succeed and holding my breath as the risks they took to get to the next Oracle were revealed. Overall a great story for young adults and adults alike." By Amazon Customer on


5✩. "This is the second in the series and I very much enjoyed it. I was also pleased that I already had hold of number three so I could get on with the saga. I'm looking forward to the rest!" By Amazon Customer on


5✩. "This is the next instalment in the Tijaran Tales series and it does not disappoint!!! The reader is further thrown into the history of Zed Academy which results in a mysterious hunt for the Oracle! This book is a great follow up to white Child which further develops the main characters and expands on the wider world around them. Not to spoil the plot but the ending of this book will leave you desperate for the next chapter!" By Marc Livingstone on

Tijaran Tales II - The Oracle of Life

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  • Book Two of the Tijaran Tales Series. Teen Science Fiction.

    Cover art and design by Jay Johnstone.
    Luna Press Publishing
    ISBN-13: 978-0993194238
    ebook available iTune, Kindle etc. 

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