When 12 year old Julius McCoy is told that he has been selected to join the elite Zed Lunar Academy, he is over the moon...literally. It promises to be a year of neck-breaking races in The Hologram Palace, spaceship-pilot training and of course, developing his own very special mind-skills.

Yet even as he begins to get a grip on his fantastic abilities, strange things start to happen around him. Who are the three mysterious men hanging about in Satras, the moon capital - particularly their sinister leader in the red cap, who seems to know a lot more than he should about Julius?

And what of the growing threat of the evil Queen Salgoria, head of the technologically-gifted Arneshian outcasts, who are making ominous advances again? It’s all a lot more than a young boy should be expected to deal with. Yet, little does Julius realise exactly how critical he will be to the fate of Zed, and ultimately, Earth itself. 

Tijaran Tales: White Child is a sci-fi story for children of all ages, about the trials of growing up, the joy of friendship, standing up for what’s right, and how much fun kids can have when they’re able to manipulate energy with the power of their minds. The adventure begins here!

E-Book Tijaran Tales: White Child - Book I Digital

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