Teika Bellamy

Fiction & Non-fiction Writer

Dr Teika Bellamy is the award-winning managing editor of Nottingham-based independent press, Mother’s Milk Books, which publishes books that celebrate femininity and empathy, with a view to normalizing breastfeeding.

As the editor of the popular series of dark fairy tales, The Forgotten and the Fantastical, she is constantly delighted by the fact that ‘Teika’ means fairy tale in Latvian. Her poetry and short fiction, published under the pen-name, Teika Marija Smits, has appeared in various places including MslexiaBrittle Star, StrixLossLitShoreline of Infinity and Reckoning


She can be found online at:  https://marijasmits.wordpress.com and: https://twitter.com/MarijaSmits

For Luna Press Publishing: A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction (Release date 14/8/19)


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