Francesca T Barbini

Writer, Editor, Translator. Founded LPP in 2015.

Francesca T Barbini was born and raised in Rome, Italy. After years of volunteer work around the world, she completed a MA Honour in Religious Studies at New College, Edinburgh, focusing on the Ancient Near East and the Dead Sea Scrolls, followed by a PGDE at Edinburgh University.

In 2011, she began self-publishing her YA SF series Tijaran Tales, subsequently receiving a publication contract by American Oloris Publishing.

In January 2015 she officially started Luna Press Publishing, home of speculative fiction in fiction and academia.

In 2018 she won the British Fantasy Award for Non-Fiction, as Editor of "Gender Identity and Sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction".

Francesca is the Managing Editor of The Sci-fi & Fantasy Network - SFFN - and the Booking Officer of the Tolkien Society.

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Twitter: @FTBarbini


Editor of "Gender Identity and Sexuality in Fantasy and SF" Nominated for the BSFA Awards 2018 and Winner of the BFS Awards 2018 in the Non-Fiction category.

Editor of "The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction" Shortlisted for the BFS Awards 2019 in the Non-Fiction category.

Editor of "A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction" Longlisted for the BSFA Awards 2020 in the Non-Fiction category.

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