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Surrounded by Eggs

Cat Hellisen

Writer. Joined LPP in 2021.

Cat Hellisen writes fantasy inspired by mythology, the role of the outsider in society, and the broken beautiful. Cat has lived in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Knysna, and Nottingham, and currently lives in a small town in Scotland, where they spend  non-writing time running around with a Ridiculous Dog, and figure skating (without the dog).

Cat Hellisen's novels include When the Sea is Rising Red, Beastkeeper, House of Sand and Secrets, Empty Monsters, Bones Like Bridges, and King of the Hollow Dark. Their stories centre around the interplay between blood family and found family, class and magic. 

Cat's short stories have appeared in, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, and Something Wicked, and in several anthologies ranging from Lovecraftian to Steampunk to African fiction. Cat won the Short Story Day Africa award in 2015 for “The Worme Bridge”.

For Luna Press Publishing: Cast Long Shadows (2022)

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