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Surrounded by Eggs

Francesca Noto

Writer. Joined LPP in 2019.

Francesca Noto is a journalist, editor and book translator who has had a passion for writing since she was a young girl. She also has a PhD in Archaeology from Rome University “Tor Vergata”. She is the author of three urban fantasy novels, published in Italy by Astro Edizioni, winning the International Montefiore Award in 2016 with the first of them, Il segno della tempesta.

Her interests range from Norse mythology to medieval swords and fencing, from horse riding (with a young painted mare named Rain) and martial arts to roleplaying games and narrative video games, without forgetting a sheer passion for books of all kinds, especially fantasy, science fiction, and horror. She lives in Rome with her husband Marco, her two daughters Mila and Giorgia, and two crazy chinchillas.


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