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Surrounded by Eggs

Peter Andrews

Artist, Illustrator. Joined LPP in 2016.

Peter Andrews is a self-taught artist and illustrator, working in a variety of digital and traditional media. Thanks to a lifetime of reading and roleplaying his primary interest is in fantasy, sci-fi and horror character work but (much to his chagrin) he is still probably best at sketching mountains. His art inspirations are Todd Lockwood, Adrian Smith and Wayne Reynolds. His favourite authors are pulp writers of all stripes - from the cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft to the sword & sorcery of Robert E Howard and the hard-boiled grizzle of Raymond Chandler.

Peter works in Nottingham, in a local history library ogling old maps;  he lives in the shadow of a windmill with his partner - a fellow library worker and a Viking scholar.

See more of Peter’s work on his portfolio. Talk to Peter on Twitter.

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