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Join us, beyond reality, as we take you to worlds of geometrical wonder and ghostly terror; relentless enemies and unsettling lovers. From zombie infestations to fairytale characters as you've never seen them before. Between Heaven and Earth. To Space and the murky realms beyond. Open your mind and let us fill it with a story or two.  


Beyond Realities is the inaugural anthology from Luna Press Publishing, featuring the winning and shortlisted entries from the Writers and Illustrators Contest 2015. These are the fresh new voices of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy:


​James Agombar, Montague Chambers, Joseph Degand, Kirill Ilukin, Anthony Laken, K.J. Lymer, Ian McCawley, Anna Milon, Sally Mitcham, Sam Payter, Barbara Stevenson, Melanie Whipman. Cover Art Simon Walpole.

Beyond Realities Vol I

  • 4✩. "Beyond Realities 2015 contains 12 short stories, covering sci-fi, fantasy and dark fantasy. The volume is well named, and Robert Malan has put together an impressive variety of tales, with everything from witches and dragons to zombies, outer space, weird happenings and fantasy worlds of every description. An excellent collection to indulge your favourite type of fantasy and try out some new genres as well.The volume kicks off with sci-fi and three very different tales. In The Swedenborg Angle, Montague Chambers warns that pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery can come at too high a price. Then explore new worlds, like frozen Harix, in Anthony Laken's chilling tale of exploration, alien life forms and unlikely heroes. Or venture if you dare into the hostile atmosphere of neo-gothic Torontopolis where KJ Lymer introduces us to a very different, but equally bewildering Alice in With My Every Breath.The fantasy section continues the fairy tale theme with Sally Mitcham's novel take on Snow White, before moving to the more traditional fantasy fare of dragons, warlocks and warfare in Sam Payter's The Final Reckoning. Then relax into Barbara Stevenson's totally bonkers world Where the Ocean Meets the Sky, which will have you laughing aloud, in a joyous and fantastic tale that provides relief before plunging into the spine chilling dark fantasy section.Start with a nail biting trip into the American rust belt, where the sleepy backwater of San Estradus is rocked by mysterious events in James Agombar's evocative tale. The scare factor continues to build in Joseph Degand's intriguingly titled Orin Slew as a Bermuda triangle envelopes peaceful Lincolnshire leaving a helpless couple trapped inside." By Kath S on


    5✩."James Agombar writes with such intuitive grace and passion. A must read!! A++++" By Paul G on


    5✩. "A great variety of stories in the sci fi, fantasy and dark fantasy genres. I found this book entertaining and easy to read." By Janet Scott on

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