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Since Brexit, goods sold online shipped from the UK, regardless of destination, are treated as exports from the UK and are zero-rated for VAT purposes. That means UK VAT is not charged at the point of sale.


In particular, there is a new EU VAT rule, so this change affects our EU-based customers.


Since 1st July 2021, all goods passing into the EU are subject to VAT regardless of value, and the previous VAT-free threshold of €22 has been removed. This means that VAT and duty will be payable in the customer’s country on all consignments.


The removal of the €22 threshold is a big blow, as up until now we were able to deliver ourbook orders to customers without an issue. As a small business, registering for VAT through the IOSS shop or in each of the EU27countries is not an option, due to the huge admin and costs involved.


The option for us to ship a book to EU27 customers through the mail, is still possible using Standard International to keep the cost down. However, the package will be held at custom until the customer has paid all fees as instructed. These are calculated internally, as VAT changes in each country.

If the parcel is not claimed, it could be irretrievably lost and we wouldn't be able to help you further.

Many of our customers are saying that it has not prevented from receiving our books and that they have been contacted without issues, even if with a bit of delay at times.

Another option is for duties and VAT to be paid at our end, with a tracked delivery. This means that your shipping cost will be a bit higher, but the parcel would not be stopped at custom. 

Signed editions are currently only sent through Standard International only.

If any of you feels like trying the methods above out, contact us using the form below, give us your order and we can give you a specific quote.


Finally, remember that our books can be found through many retailers. Purchasing our books through EU retailers directly, or larger UK-based retailer, could help keeping your costs down, as the big online retailers have the manpower and budget to deal with all of this.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Thanks you,


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