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Francesca & Luna

The Short Story of a Press & its Founder

I always enjoyed writing and reading stories, all the way back to my childhood, in Rome. When I moved to Edinburgh in 1998, this passion was still very much there.


Inspired by the streets and cafes of Edinburgh, and the creativity that fills its many corners, I decided to focus my energies on turning my passion into something tangible.


In 2015 Luna Press Publishing officially began.


I poured all of my knowledge and first-hand experience of publishing into this project, starting an independent press from the ground up - one that is growing stronger with each passing day. It's a lot of work, but it's a labour of love - I have happily chosen this path. I may have started as a one-woman band, but I am not alone now. I have an amazing team of professional freelance editors and artists to support Luna and our authors, plus the many fantastic colleagues, writers and fans we meet at conventions. 


We work with foreign authors, translations, and in partnership with foreign presses, to help get our authors into new markets. We work with agents and their clients, with established authors, scholars, and also new writers. You can see who they all are on our Luna Family page. I am so very proud of our family (#lunaproudparents) and their achievements.


Our books are available worldwide, from Gardners in the UK and through the online distributions of all the usual retailers, as well as  in the public library catalogues. As you know, store presence for small publishers isn't a given, though it does happens, and we are always on the lookout for opportunities. As a proud member of Publishing Scotland, we have many such opportunities, such as being a regular presence at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

We organise and attend live events, use advertising, create opportunities (writing contests, open submission windows, etc.); we use social media (BlueSky, X, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and we are always keen to find new ways of bringing our family's books to a wider audience. 

You will see changes and transformation within Luna in any given year. I don't really like standing still and always look for new ways of expressing my love for publishing and bringing you new voices. You can always get a heads-up via the monthly newsletter, ahead of the official blog.

Looking back now, I still can't quite believe how much has happened or how much lies ahead on the horizon. I thank you all for believing in Luna and supporting us. For my part, I will always give it my all.



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