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You will find blog posts related to writing. Just look under the category "On Writing & Publishing" of our blog.


If you are new to the Publishing Process, I've prepared a mini series on Publishing, on our YouTube channel. Visit us there! 

Word Count Spreadsheet


This is one of the most useful tools I've found on the internet to keep track of my writing. It was created by Svenja Gosen and you can download yours from her website. It is highly customisable (colour scheme, monthly targets, etc.)


It is very easy to use and it does all the calculations for you. You just need to type the total word count you are aiming for, and the spreadsheet will spread your writing out over the course of the year, in very manageable daily chunks.


The overview feature will let you see where you are at. And don't be scared by the days you don't write: you may skip a day, but write twice as much the following one.


I've taken some pictures to show you what it looks like. I have inserted 100,000 words in the Goal box to show you distribution. When you input your daily word count in the January tab, it automatically updates the Summary page too.

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