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Fiction submissions:


(For non-fiction submissions please see the Academia Lunare page.)

We only publish Speculative FictionScience Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy (and their sub-genres).

For our purposes, speculative fiction deals with elements that are nonexistent in reality, covering various themes in the context of science fictionfantasyhorroralternate historyutopian and dystopian fiction, and supernatural fiction, as well as combinations thereof (e.g. science fantasy).

For a little insight into how we choose our MS, you can watch this mini video on our YouTube channel: The Success of a Submission.

See our Writers' Den playlist on the YouTube channel for quick videos on cover letters, pitches, etc. 

Please remember that rejection by us does not mean your work is not publishable - there are many factors that influence the choice of what we consider. Perseverance is the key!

Use of “AI” writing tools such as ChatGPT:

We will not consider any submissions written or developed by these tools.​​



Submissions for 2024

are now closed.

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