Fiction submissions:


(For non-fiction submissions please see the Academia Lunare page.)

We publish Speculative FictionScience Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy (and their sub-genres).

For our purposes, speculative fiction deals with elements that are nonexistent in reality, covering various themes in the context of science fictionfantasyhorroralternate historyutopian and dystopian fiction, and supernatural fiction, as well as combinations thereof (e.g. science fantasy).

For a little insight into how we choose our MS, you can watch this mini video on our YouTube channel: The Success of a Submission.

Please remember that rejection by us does not mean your work is not publishable - there are many factors that influence the choice of what we consider. Perseverance is the key!

Below are the Open Submission Windows scheduled for 2022:

  • Luna Novella for Speculative Diversity - Open 1-2 April 2022 (NOW CLOSED)

  • Luna Novella for Everyone - Open 8-9 April 2022 (NOW CLOSED)

  • Haunted Novel - Open 1-3 July 2022

See below for exact details.

More dates for 2022 will be posted here in due course.


Submissions for 2022

Haunted Novel: 1-3 July 2022


Who: All writers, all levels welcome (unpublished, published, solo or agented).  


What to submit: Novels only, original and not previously published. Must be standalone and not part of a series. 

Theme: Horror/gothic/folk horror, dark fantasy novel set in a haunted location (by 'location' we mean a dwelling, an institution, a hotel, a factory, a ship/ferry, a train -  in short a building/structure where people have lived, worked, died, grew up, etc.)

What are we looking for: A location with character and characters with a strong development. Think of The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson and the Flanagan's adaptation; think The Shining by Stephen King; Hell House by Matheson, to name but a few: in these stories the respective buildings have a very strong presence, but the characters and their relationships with each other and with the building itself (and its history) are an essential driving force to the success of the whole: flawed as they may be, readers can relate to them in a way or another. 

Audience: General Trade (No Children/YA/Teen). 

When to submit: On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July 2022 only.

Times: Submit between 12:00AM and 11:59PM UK time.

Email Title: Please state "Haunted Submission" when submitting.

What to include in the main body of the email:​​

  • A brief author bio.  

  • Title.

  • Word Count (from 60,000 and up).


What to attach to the email:

  • One Word document with the first three chapters - your best, final version only, no drafts. 

  • A full synopsis of the book (No cliff hangers - this isn't a cover blurb and we need to know how the story ends).

Email to lunasubmissions [at] outlook [dot] com during the submission days only.


Submissions which ignore the guidelines will not be considered and will not receive a reply.