Luna Charities

Luna has always been about inclusiveness. We are on the lookout for every opportunity that can help us fulfil this goal. We partner with various charities, donating money, time and opportunities.​

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We have worked with the charity Sense Scotland, to deliver an 'out of this world' event during the Festival of Fun 2019! Sci-fi was the theme of Sense Scotland’s annual, accessible Festival of Fun event in Fife and Luna organised a flash-fiction contest for the local pupils.

You can read the winning entries in our blog post!



We are always open to the charity Arkbound Foundation, whose aim is to widen access to literature and improve diversity within the publishing industry. Founder Steve McNaught and Luna's Francesca T Barbini have connected with the view to support writers who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

 Though we are not Bill Gates, but we can still donate part of our profits - as in the Luna part of the profit - to worthy causes. If you are a reader, know that when you purchase any of the books on this page you are also supporting a charity.

The following books support the Tolkien Society (Charity No. 273809):
The following books support the Guide Dogs UK: