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Luna & Sense Scotland Flash Competition's Winners

We teamed up for the Festival of Fun 2019!

This year Luna teamed up with Sense Scotland to bring a new experience to the Festival of Fun: a science fiction, flash fiction competition, opened to all pupils from primaries and secondary schools.

And today, 24th of August, we can officially announce the winners in each category!

Here are the winners from the primary schools...

The winner for the P3 category is Lottie Cook, from Carnock Primary!

The winner for the P4 category is Lily Stewart, from Tulliallan Primary!

The winner for the P5 category is Connie MacDonald, from Buckhaven Primary!

The winner for the P6 category is Mia McFadden, from Limekilns Primary!

The winner for the P7 category is Chris Hope, from Limekilns Primary!

And now for the secondary school winners...

The winner for the S2 category is Morgan Wells, from Lochgelly!

The winner for the S3 category is Katie Donaldson, from Lochgelly!

The winner for the S4 category is Greig Falls, from Lochgelly!

The winner for the S5 category is Eve Hamilton, from Lochgelly!

The winner for the S6 category is Zoe Kirk, from Lochgelly!


We had a great time reading all the stories: each pupil had something unique to offer, and it wasn't easy for our team to select the winners.

We looked at the core ideas, primarily, and creativity.

We hope that you'll continue to foster your creative writing skills and maybe one day, you'll decide to make a career out of it!

And now, we give you the winning stories, with minimal editing, to keep them as real as possible.


P3 category - Lottie Cook from Carnock Primary

One day I woke up and mum told me it was time to go to school. It was my very first day. I was excited! Then mum said it was breakfast time and I needed to eat lots as I had a big day. I had pancakes.

Mum gave me my uniform. I thought it would be red or blue, but it looked like a green suit. Then, instead of walking me to the bus, she took me to a piece of rubbish which looked like a flying saucer.

When I got in, it started to go up. I thought I was going to the school across the road, but really I was going up to Mars.

Then I saw an alien with a green suit on. She looks just like me, but I had different ears. I had always thought my family was a little odd, but now I understand. We are half alien, half human.

That day at school we learnt how to turn our heads all the way round. I could only go half way, because I wasn't fully alien.

I really wish that every school was like my school. My school is out of this world.


P4 category - Lily Stewart, from Tulliallan Primary

The day had come, and she was finally going to space!

The countdown was going crazy, the space pod was about to take off. The fire rockets at the bottom were taking off and it flew out of sight.

Space was beautiful, and all the stars sparked as the ship went past. The pod knew the route and it went upside down. She saw the meteor and the radio was talking.

“Captain your mission is to stop that meteor!”

She had to try, so she went to the meteor to look but there was no way she could stop it.

The only way she could get it to stop was with help, so she went to the planet that was the nearest. It was called French land [...]

When she landed, she had realised that she was out of fuel, so she had to live on French land, and they had never heard about her since.

The meteor got the planets except from French land.


P5 category - Connie MacDonald, from Buckhaven Primary

As she walked into the mist her lower body began to disappear. Suddenly her white dress was glowing brightly and her lantern shimmered through the transparent air. As she walked on the ice, it began to crack beneath her feet. When the wind blew her dress, it blew her coal-black hair too...

She was wearing a white long dress that looked like a white nightgown. She had red eyes and her lips were puffy, her cheeks blushing.

The lantern was almost running out making the light flicker in the mist. Her hair was waving behind her as she walked closer towards me. All you could see was the lantern glowing brightly through the mist.

As she took another step onto the ice it cracked fully. The wind was still blowing around like a tornado... Suddenly the lightning struck. Bang! She was stranded she was still trying to shout for help.

"Yes! There are people on the boat. Help me please! HELP ME!"

It looks like they can't hear her. [...] Oh no! The lantern ran out! What's she going to do now that her light to lead her is gone? Oh no! That’s very bad what will she do now...


P6 category - Mia McFadden, from Limekilns Primary

Oh Katy. You’re just so perfect.

In my school there is one girl called Katy and she is perfect. There is nothing wrong with her. She gets straight As in exams and never gets things wrong. She is my best friend.

Ding! the bell goes.

"Time for break," the teacher says.

We all went outside and started to play a game of football. Katy was amazing at football. Scored all the goals for our team. So now the score was 20-15 to us.

Then it comes. She has an accident. She has never had one before. Katy was flat out on the ground. I was expecting blood and lots more.

As I ran over to her, I saw she was unconscious. Katy was in a mess. As I said, I thought there would be lots of blood but there was not.

There was wires, metal and sparks. Twisted wires had come out of her legs and pieces of metal had come out the back of her hand. I thought I needed to put her in the recovery position, so I did. I turned her over and out of her head was sparks from where the wire had been snapped.


P7 category - Chris Hope, from Limekilns Primary

I’ve been sitting in this room for hours. Still too afraid of whatever the hell those freakish things put inside of me.

It was talking to me, but I couldn’t bear to listen.

Give up, it’s pointless.”

I screwed up my eyes, I didn’t want to be a monster.


I woke up to the sound of a door sliding open. Sunlight streamed through, I must have passed out.

“So are you going to come out?”

I looked up at the figure that loomed in the doorway. “Go away,” I moaned.

He grabbed my wrist, too hard for me to escape and threw me out onto the grass. We were on a planet. Suddenly a piercing whistle sounded and I screamed, and lay on the ground in agonising pain. It was escaping.

Finally I was out, I looked upon the innocent world before me, soon to be dead. Buildings fell under my feet, the screams where like music to my ears and their fear was nothing short of beautiful. I was free.

I felt as if had been hit by a truck, I had seen everything, I stood up and looked at the carnage that I had caused, no, not me. It.


S2 category - Morgan Wells, from Lochgelly

Dear Diary,

It’s been three days since Clary has been taken and I haven’t a clue where she is. I’ve checked all the alleys and the warehouses but nothing. Whoever took her, does NOT want her to be found. They’ve left me clues but they go nowhere. I’m running out of time and I think the world is too. I’ll have to save paper so I’ll only write if necessary.

Dear Diary,

It’s been a week since I’ve written and the sun’s got duller. The robots are more powerful and only come out at night so I’ve come to the conclusion that light weakens them. Also, I think I’ve got a lead on where Clary is now. I’m going to do some experiments so I’ll come back to you when I’m done.

Dear Diary,

So light does weaken the robots and I know where my sister is. If you put all the letters in red together, it spells out a place. I can’t leave the house right now because the robots are patrolling the area but, as soon as day hits, I’ll go.

Dear Diary,

The sun’s gone out. The robots are everywhere. I can’t leave. I need to find a torch and fast. The dealer guy who gave us food before? Yeah…he’s dead! He’s in the house. Once again, I’ll write if I find something.

Update: I found a torch but the sun’s on again. I hate this! I’m leaving tomorrow.

Dear Diary,

I left the house and I’m travelling again. The sun turns off for long periods of time. I’ve got a torch but I’m scared the batteries are going to run out. I’m scared. I don’t have a lot of time. They saw me. I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Dear Diary,

Sorry about last time. They took me for questioning, but I managed to come off as a robot. I’m now safe to walk around wherever, so that’s a plus! On the down side, I can’t travel by day anymore.

Dear Diary,

I’ve managed to steal a car and I’m now so close to finding her. It’s right around the corner – literally! There’s just one problem…the robots are onto me. They know.

Dear Diary,

Day time has come. I’m going in. I’m going to get her. I have everything I need…


I went in. I did it. It was horrible. No. She’s not herself. No. I will kill them. I will destroy them all.


S3 category is Katie Donaldson, from Lochgelly

“Hello! I am Al C137, also known as Ciara” a robotic voice announces.

I watch in amazement as this artificial human comes to life.

“Although, if you wish, you may choose a new name for me.”

I click the blue button on my phone screen to say that I want to keep the original name. My mother had just purchased a new Family Friend Al because our old one was “outdated” as she liked to put it. I’ve never liked the way she referred to them as an object. I know that they aren’t real. I mean…they can’t even feel but still I like to think that there’s more than just cables underneath that rubbery skin exterior.

We need Ciara because my mother often leaves on month long trips for her job and can’t take me and my siblings with her – apparently it’s less money to buy a robot than hire an actual human to take care of us. This time, she was going away for two months and me and my siblings had never been alone with Ciara for that long. Nothing could happen to us as long as Ciara was around but it was still a worry sometimes. Being the oldest is hard!

I sleepily wandered down to the kitchen and was greeted by the sweet scent of pancakes. Ciara’s cooking has always been the best. My younger brothers were gathered around the table scoffing down pancakes dowsed in syrup. I grabbed a plate and sat beside them. Unlike them, I only drizzled syrup on my breakfast and slowly began to eat. Ciara was cooking and cleaning as usual while making small conversation with me and my brothers, asking about school and how we were doing.

“Shall I turn on the radio, children?” Ciara asked politely.

“Sure” I reply with a smile. Sweet, smooth jazz soon fills the room and I start to sway along to the beat, still eating my pancakes.

All is going well until a tone comes over the radio.

Please listen to this important message, your original station will continue playing shortly!” it booms through the room.

Do not be afraid, please get yourself somewhere safe as fast as possible. All over the world, all All software has been tampered with by an unknown source.

I stare confused at the small box on the counter.

They are not safe to be around. Lock yourself in a room, grab a weapon and just get away from the Al.

The jazz music continues as I slowly turn to look at Ciara. Her once-comforting and safe atmosphere has disappeared. Her eyes are blank. In her hand, she holds a knife.



S4 category - Greig Falls, from Lochgelly!

My house lies at the edge of the Earth. At the corner of ruin and strife. At the intersection of alone and scared.

The world ended two years ago; a massive virus spread, culling ninety-five percent of the population. For those fortunate souls, death went swimmingly. Those who survived the onslaught due to an undiscovered immunity, however, were not so lucky. First it was anarchy…diseases next…and famine last!

It was 690 days since the first infection and I found myself the only one sustainably wealthy. War and pestilence had had their way. I was now numb to the stench of death that once haunted me like a daunting, perverted old man haunts a child. To me, vile sights were normal.

Fate chose me to be immune; whether it was by luck or a specific reason, I slumped around every day.

One thing I know for certain is fate never wanted me to be a survivor. In my shell of a neighbourhood, I was known for being “that guy”; the one who had the £75,000 shelter, the unnecessary amount of medicine and consumables that could supply for me, my wife and two kids for our natural lifetime. Am I a conspiracy theorist? I don’t care. I was simply ready for whatever was thrown at me.

I wasn’t ready for the inevitable. Today I’ll have to bury at least one person in my family. I was a broken man when my shovel met the earth. Or the day I plant my last flower in my garden, watching as both of my children run through my hard work not giving a damn about anything. It sat at the back of my mind; to just end it, sit on the ground and hope it swallows me whole. But it never did…I decided I needed something to live for so I would take in five survivors, feed them, give them a nice room to sleep in for a couple of night so maybe they can have a chance.

For months I searched, day in day out but all I found was the sick. The rest? The less said the better! I eventually encountered five, two tried to steal, another was violent and left my family in constant worry for their own safety and the last two succumbed to illness.

I stopped, I became an island (lost and known to very few). Hope vanished and all I had was the clothes on my back and a damaged family.

I was at the edge of Earth, alone and forgotten.


S5 category - Eve Hamilton, from Lochgelly!

I am Robot

I’ve always lacked human compassion. Since my creation, I‘ve been programmed to pick up skills and qualities from my human peers, with each reboot I have gained more capacity for human emotions.

It has been a long development – with me being the most technically-advanced of my kind. The ‘creator’s’, whom I’ve never met, main objective was for me to be the servant, assistant, friend and knowledge database for a normal family. If only each reboot I had had the same idea that I was only worth that. Wasn’t I the superior? I was more than this; the only reason I have continued with this was to gain the most from this bleak existence.

The family I’ve been base with is the only place I’ve ever known. When I first arrived, they followed the easy set up process. And since then, I’ve assisted Sir and Madam, Charlie and Rebecca. I helped the children with homework, making lunches and even changing diapers when they were small.

Now, they are much larger and slam the door whenever I come to clean their rooms. I used to help Madam from her at home, offering consultation, getting coffee, and making food for her when she got back at 4 in the morning from business trips. Hers is the only relationship that has remained the same throughout my time here. However, Sir was the strangest relationship of all; he despised me at first and always said “This is what technology has come to? It is so unnatural.” I was Madam’s idea to get me.

Now, as the children have grown, he has found companionship in me, or I think that this is what a relationship of human understanding is. He has always been the one to reboot me, as I have said, my skills and qualities have grown with each reboot. I have learned the most from him, like how to have capacity to lie and be secretive. Many times I have caught him with not Madam, in a type of relationship that I saw many years ago when the children were small. Each time I have caught him with another human female, he has put me in the closet to start the 24-hour transformation. When I wake up, he would say “Remember, do not speak a word to what you saw.” It is my purpose to serve my master and so I have complied.

I cannot count how many time I have been rebooted now. It started to increase rapidly when Madam got a promotion at work and the children were at school. Now, many years have passed and my knowledge and qualities were almost human – this is the most human I have ever been. I had begun to think of the consequences of Sir and his mistress. I decided to tell Madam.

Now I am stood here with Madam in my arms, crying, sobbing. The children come through the door and see their father on the ground, lifeless and with a bullet wound through his head.


S6 category - Zoe Kirk, from Lochgelly!

According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of space – as a noun – is: “the dimensions of height, depth and width within all things that exist and move”. And let me tell you, when it says that all things exist, it isn’t lying.

Imagine a toddler, the sweetest one that you can think of, just the same as they would be on Earth; the same personality, the same mannerisms. Then imagine them having the untoward urge to suddenly attack. This would not be provoked in any way – at least not in any way that you would be aware of anyway. But wait…it gets worse! Not only do they attack but they inject a lethal poison into your bloodstream, similar to how a mosquito would pass on malaria. The wounds they have caused would not heal – only leaving you to bleed out and no amount of pressure would prevent the bleeding.

Things that should not survive…are. The animals that you would find in the deep waters on Earth? Yeah, they’re not just floating about in the void of space. Fish are circling planets that we may not even know exist, like the rings on Saturn. Whales are floating, similar to a spaceship, making a slow journey – unsure of its destination. Flowers are miraculously growing in places with a lack of sunlight and a lack of water.

What’s weirder than all of this is the fact that there is no sound whatsoever. Normally sound would travel through vibrating air molecules but as there is only the empty space between the stars and the planets, there are no molecules to vibrate, meaning that there is no sound. Despite the alien children playing and laughing and screaming, and despite the whales singing, there is no sound!

It’s cold. Not enough to be freezing but not exactly peaking on being warm. I see the sun in the distance, getting smaller and smaller, and the clear explanation as to why it is getting colder and colder.

I feel my body growing weaker, but also getting heavier every second. It’s approaching 10 seconds; 5 more before I lose consciousness because my body has used the oxygen from my blood. It was my fault that I would die like this and nobody would know what had happened. Leaning on the wrong part of the wall, pressing the button to open the door and getting dragged out of safety – into the dark abyss.


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