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Release Date May 31, 2022

Hardback, Laminate Case and Jacket

E-book available in all the usual retailers.

BSFA Awards Longlist 2023 for Best Novel


Marjeta Petrell.
Replacement bride, shadow of a dead and perfect wife, step-mother to a duke’s treasured daughter.
A girl out of her depth, alone and afraid.
Magic runs deep in her veins, stitched in blood ties, embroidered with kindness and pain.
In an unfamiliar court, Marjeta must discover who are her friends and who are enemies; who she can trust before she is accused of witchcraft and executed.


You can watch the YouTube Book launch here.

Cast Long Shadows - Hardback

SKU: 978-1-913387-97-6
  • "Cat Hellisen has no qualms in admitting that ‘Cast Long Shadows’ began as a reshaping of the Snow White story. Since the initial draft, much has changed. A few of the elements of the original tale remain, some heavily disguised and the result is something much more original than just a retelling from an alternative pint of view."

    Pauline Morgan for SFCrowsnest


    "Cast Long Shadows by Cat Hellison is a spellbinding read. Hellison has created a magical and illustrious world, one fraught with danger that Marjeta must navigate in order to survive. Hellison has done a superb job with the imagery and story flow, and the past and present are so brilliantly covered, the reader will think they are right there within the pages.

    Marjeta is a fascinating character, strong, curious and aware that her fate is in her hands. Love and treachery surround her as the story twists and turns to its stunning end. Each character, from her mother and sister to her husband-to-be and his daughter, makes a great read, adding depth to this story’s forever-changing tapestry.

    This captivating tale is a step back in time, a particularly perilous time for a woman, and Hellison does not skim over that or soften what a woman may experience. The magic in this story is a truly superb addition and enhances the colourful and compelling novel Hellison has weaved for her readers.

    Cast Long Shadows by Cat Hellison is a must have for any fans of historical fiction, particularly of the magic kind."

    Belinda Brady for Aurealis #154

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