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Nominated for the BSFA Awards!

Cover Art by Bede Rogerson Shortlisted for the BSFA Awards!


When it comes to fantasy, the world is always bigger than you think it is... Even when you live in the smallest town in the deepest corner of the country where, by official records, nothing has happened since Vikings stopped pillaging nearby.

Ally Guardian is convinced that the universe wanting anything to do with her is a cosmic joke. Until a strange man appears outside her window and tells her, “I can’t speak to you yet.” Things only get weirder when she is then implicated in a demonic attack on her history teacher and given the new girl, Alana Larbie, to look after as punishment.

Alana seems to know an awful lot about demons, claiming they got her kicked out of her old school. Together with Ally’s oldest friend Tanya, and their one “normal” friend, Teb, they decide to investigate.



The Troutesponde Series is a YA fantasy, working on the premise that if the supernatural did exist, inquisitive teenagers would be the first to notice, and absolutely the worst people ever to interact with it.


5* "What a funny, fresh and humourous take on teenager and magic! It had a very Terry Pratchett feel about it, thanks to the main characters’ quick wit. It tells the adventure of a group of teenagers having to deal with a whole host of magical creatures, and without spoiling the adventure, there is plenty of action, mythological lore and a strong group of female leads. I like the idea that the next two books are told by the point of view of two other girls in the group: you can see that because book 2 and 3 are already open to pre-orders and the blurb shows the switch of main character. I look forward to this as the group is made up of interesting characters, so for them to lead the next two stories creates a fresh approach.
Looking forward to buy the next two and would highly recommend it to YA and teen readers." Trixter 76 on

4* "This might look like a small book, but don't be fooled, it has a lot of words. Just like "The Hobbit", but with 400% more women, so "Concrete Faery" clearly wins. There were some twists I didn't expect. I absolutely loved all the characters and their nuanced portray and how the author tackles rather complicated topics, such as mental health. Even though it centres around a group of 4 friends these girls are allowed to disagree with each other, they are allowed to make mistakes and to question themselves and each other. On top of it, there were some fantastic elements that I admit I wasn't that familiar with (not everyone is a fairy scholar) and the way they were presented made a nice change to other contemporary YA fantasy novels. Looking forward to the next book of this series" Jule on Goodreads

5* "I loved it. Its quirky and it reminded me of Terry Pratchett. If only because the sentences were such a joy to behold, the jokes were sharp and the elfs were nasty. Anyway I love my disaster girls. I cannot wait till part three." Sandra Augiga on Goodreads

Concrete Faery

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