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Release Date 20 June, 2023.

Locus Recommended Reading List 2023

BSFA for Best Non-Fiction, Longlist 2024



Follow Me: Religion in Fantasy and Science Fiction is the seventh Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.


The papers focus on the theme of religion in fantasy and science fiction, in all its forms, in different media.


Featuring papers from Ivano Sassanelli, Elyse Welles, Catherine Coundjeris, Barbara Stevenson, Eugen Bacon, Steph P Bianchini, Cheryl Morgan, Giovanni Carmine Costabile, Mark Kirkbride, and Kevin Cooney.


Eugen Bacon (Australia) Presenting the paper:

“Toxic religion in utopian and cultural worlds”


Steph P. Bianchini (Italy) Presenting the paper:

"An Agnostic's Prayer. Egyptian gods in the speculative fiction of Roger Zelazny"


Kevin Cooney (USA) Presenting the paper:

“The Sacred and Profane: UFO Religions and Alien Messiahs in Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama”


Giovanni Carmine Costabile (Italy) Presenting the paper:

“This is my story: Girardian Theory and the Christian Subtext of Final Fantasy X”


Catherine A. Coundjeris (USA) Presenting the paper:

“A Christian Fellowship: Inklings’ Perspectives on Religion, Myth, and the Word”


Mark Kirkbride (England) Presenting the paper:

“Heaven, Hell, and Virtual Reality”


Cheryl Morgan (Wales) Presenting the paper:

“Darling, You’re Just Divine! Queer Gods in science fiction and fantasy”


Ivano Sassanelli (Italy) Presenting the paper:

“Who Is Eru?: Literary, ethical and theological reflections about God and Religion in Tolkien’s Middle-earth”


Barbara Stevenson (Scotland) Presenting the paper:

"Aestheticism versus Christianity in the Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde"


Elyse Welles (USA) Presenting the paper:

"Neo-Pagans & the Ainur Pantheon"


Follow Me: Religion in Fantasy and Science Fiction

SKU: 978-1-915556-18-9

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