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Hadithi [n. fable, story] is a new hybrid birthed from the collaboration of two writers with heritage in the African diaspora.

It features seven short stories - three original - of ancestry, soul, continuity, discontinuity as well as steampunk, cyberfunk and a dieselfunk superhero story set in the ‘20s, together with a scholarly dialogue on the global state of black speculative fiction. Hadithi offers the kind of afrofuturistic diversity you might expect from a duality of curious writers unafraid to cross the borders of normalcy.

Hadithi & The State of Black Speculative Fiction

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  • “Rich, strange and compelling...distinctive... inventive... Hadithi is just stunning. You won’t see the world in the same way again.” - Award-winning author and distinguished scholar Dominique Hecq, MA, Dip Ed, PhD


    "Eugen Bacon and Milton Davis come together for Hadithi & The State of Speculative Black Fiction to share a compelling addition to the commentaries and canon of black literature" - Aurealis


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