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Release Date 20/02/2021

Luna Novella Series #2


Humanity has reached out to the stars, an exodus of dehydrated packets waiting to be sent down to any habitable planet with water on it, to start life anew. They are watched over by an AI, programmed to find them safe haven.


Chief Engineer Mara Loganova is reconstituted early to repair a fault the AI can't fix, only to find the ship engaged in a war against a populated world, using weapons it didn't leave Earth with.


With the AI breaking all of its programmed rules, it becomes frighteningly clear what the ship's new purpose is, and the true battle for the future begins... 


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Just Add Water

SKU: 978-1-913387-45-7
  • "There’s an echo of Greg Bear’s Hull Zero Three (2011) here as Mara and her companions get a feeling of deja-vu all over again. This ends on a note more Twilight Zone than Star Trek" Amazing Stories


    "Just Add Water is a tantalising well crafted science fiction mystery... The finale is very very well delivered and then, just in the time-honoured tradition of The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, we get a further challenge to resolve and a moral question that lifts the story out of just a pure mystery and into a rather unsettling question of what would you do instead?A really impressive novella that fans of science fiction stories that enjoy puzzles, morality and action should really enjoy. I was very impressed with the delivery of this story, its worldbuilding concept and that it took me in some unexpected directions. John Dodd I will be looking out for in the future. Well worth a look." Runalong The Shelves


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