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Release Date 21 September 2021.


The past is never far behind. If we do not leave it, if we insist on carrying it with us to the end...that end is a monster.
This stunning debut collection of dark, literary fiction drowns the reader in its themes of grief, regret, love, and hope.

A family is torn apart by tragedy and misadventure, their future creaking under the weight of judgment. Old men play at being ghosts while a young boy sees real ones wherever he turns. A wandering immortal desperately seeks an end to his pain. Intimate, unflinching, and poignant, these eleven tales of the broken and the unmade include the two previously unpublished novellas, dragonland and This House is Not Haunted.

Look Where You Are Going Not Where You Have Been

  • “A hauntingly beautiful, powerfully intimate collection that should establish Dines as one of the best in the field.”
    Ray Cluley award-winning author of Probably Monsters

    “When I start a Dines story, I know I’m going to become completely immersed in that world, and changed by it.”
    Ralph Robert Moore

    “...the trilogy of interlinking tales that hold this book together—‘So Many Heartbeats, So Many Words’, ‘The Harder It Gets the Softer We Sing’ and ‘This House is Not Haunted’ contain some of the best writing I think I’ve ever read in my life.”  Johnny Mains

    "...Dines has a great literary style and if he was to continue the story of the Fenwicks to novel-length it could make an impact in the mainstream of fiction. ... [His stories] are well worth reading for the quality of the writing." Pauline Morgan for the SFCrowsnest

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