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OUT 18 August 2020


In the idyllic village of Touchstone, the birds are singing and everyone is happy. But Ethan knows it’s not real. England may be ruined and plagued with riots, but Touchstone is more dangerous still.


Tim says:

"Looking again at Machineries of Mercy now, I see traces of so much that I loved when I was growing up and continue to love now: theme parks, open-world video games, cosy catastrophes, fictional havoc in idyllic locations. And it’s no coincidence that the virtual village in the novel is named Touchstone. The novel draws upon films that meant a lot to me: Tron, Battle Royale, Existenz and, particularly, Westworld."


As this is the Official Edition, it means that purchasing any other edition of the book, from a different publisher, will result in the author not receiving compensation, so please be mindful and look out for the Luna edition if you are shopping from online retailers.


Machineries of Mercy

SKU: 9781913387242

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