Out 8 December 2020.

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Nina Oram Shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the British Fantasy Awards 2020, for The Joining!


Book III of the Carrowkeel Series - the finale!


War is brewing.
In the time of the Celts, Jasmine’s old enemy, Ellyllon, is gathering Irish druids to him in preparation.
Desperate to stop him, Jasmine and Seamus join with Drendas, the most powerful druid in Connacht. But Drendas is a disciple of the Tuatha De Danaan Goddess, Brigid, and obsessed with her prophecy.
He seems drawn to Jasmine, making her question why, and what exactly she has to do with the prophecy.
She has learned also that Iomlan is still growing inside her. She is becoming more powerful than Ellyllon could ever be. But at what cost? As her powers grow stronger and increasingly violent, Jasmine must face her greatest fear: that no power on Earth will be able to stop her from becoming the very thing she is seeking to destroy.


Cover Art by BSFA Shortlist artist, Bede Rogerson.

Of Fire and Stone

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