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Book 4 of the Tijaran Tales series. Defeated by the technological superiority of the Arneshians, the Zed Academy is left to deal with a desolate planet Earth. In spite of their fears, they must abandon the safety of the Lunar Perimeter and venture out into the furthest reaches of space, in the biggest rescue mission ever attempted by mankind. Julius McCoy is desperate to find his own family and bring them back home, but the Curia, it seems, has other plans for him. If he refuses, he risks jeopardising Zed's one great hope of peace, and a possible victory over the Arneshians. But, if he accepts, he will lose everything he has, and become Tijara's ultimate sacrifice. High space adventure abounds in this fourth installment of FT Barbini's Tijaran Tales series.

Tijaran Tales IV - Tijara's Heart

£9.99 Regular Price
£7.99Sale Price
  • Book Four of the Tijaran Tales Series. Teen Science Fiction.

    Cover art and design by Jay Johnstone.
    Luna Press Publishing
    ISBN-13: 978-0993194252
    ebook available iTune, Kindle etc. 

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