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Out 19 May 2020


This collection features brand new stories, as well as “Where the Ocean Meets the Sky” and “The One-armed Bandit”, finalists of the contest Beyond Realities I and II.


Cover by BSFA Shortlist Artist Bede Rogerson


E-book & Paperback available here and from all Online retailers.


Barbara says:
“I fell I love with fairy tales/fantasy on my eighth birthday when I was given not one, but two copies (independently) of Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince and Other Stories. I was captivated by characters such as The Selfish Giant, The Remarkable Rocket and The Devoted Friend. Conspicuously, they all died, but they died beautifully, leaving the glimmer of surreal magic behind.
Since then I have been on the trail of that speck of lagniappe – the seasoning that adds a deeper, more colourful dimension, without the soppy sentimentality.
The stories in this collection involve journeys or quests of one sort or another.”


Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

SKU: 9781911143932
  • "Witty, funny and gloriously nonsensical at times!" The Shapinsay Sound January 2021.

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