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Luna Press Publishing™ is an award-winning independent UK press, founded in 2015 by author Francesca T. Barbini. We deal with Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, in both fiction and academia. We are also a proud member of Publishing Scotland.


We work with agents, published authors and new writers. We take pride in our family - the Luna family - and we work hard to promote and support it.


We are very keen to create writing opportunities and to promote inclusiveness in the publishing industry. We work with worthy partners to give back to the community. Some of our books are affiliated to charities, so when you buy a book in our store you are also giving to charity. The donations are taken from Luna's own share of the profit. Discover more on the Luna Charity page.


We run several projects, some of which are open to submissions all year round.

You can see the status of these projects on our submissions page.


We are very excited to be a home for creativity and look forward to journeying with you.


The Luna Press Publishing Team



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Edinburgh, UK