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Fantasy Author Anna Thayer Joins Luna!

Updated: May 19, 2019

We officially welcome Anna Thayer to the Luna Press Family!

Anna is a successful writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Her Fantasy trilogy, The Knight of Eldaran, has graced the shelves of many Fantasy lovers. Anna's project with Luna Press is for Academia Lunare, our academic branch.

Here is a link to the interview she gave to Francesca for the SFFN, and of course here is the link to her official website.

Anna will be releasing a collection of essays on Tolkien, exploring the topic of eucatastrophe. Moreover, some of her papers will also feature in the incoming 'Return of the Ring' Vol I & II. These are the proceedings from the latest Tolkien conference held at Loughbourgh University.

The April newsletter is also here, full of interesting news. Do subscribe to the website if you have not done so yet! Here is the link to the latest newsletter, in case it gets eaten by the junk inbox!


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