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'Aragorn: J. R. R. Tolkien's Undervalued Hero'. Pre-order now!

Aragorn. Strider. King. Ranger. He is one of the most famous and celebrated characters in the history of popular literature. But how much do you really know about the man?

Luna Press is delighted to announce the imminent release of the revised and expanded edition of "Aragorn: J. R. R. Tolkien's Undervalued Hero" by Angela P Nicholas. Cover design by Jay Johnstone.

The most enjoyable work on Tolkien I have read in many years” writes Christina Scull. You can read her full review of the first edition here. Christina is best known for her books about the works of Tolkien. She will soon be releasing the revised and expanded edition of her J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide for HarperCollins, alongside husband Wayne G. Hammond.

When Angela decided to release this second edition, Christina was very happy to write the foreword for it, and we were simply delighted to have her onboard.

This book is a biographical study of Aragorn, covering his ancestry, pre-birth prophecies, the various stages of his life, and his death early in the Fourth Age. There is particular emphasis on the struggles he faced, both physical and mental, and on his crucial role (easily overlooked or underestimated) in bringing about the destruction of the One Ring and the downfall of Sauron. There are also discussions on his appearance and on his many names and titles. Additionally, it is a detailed examination of his interactions and relationships with his contemporaries in Middle-earth, both with individuals and races. It also considers the influence of some of his ancestors on his character and attitude.

"Thorough" is a good description of Angela's work. I can tell you that she will make you consider Aragorn and his actions in ways you hadn't before, and serve as a powerful companion for your enjoyment of this character.

Angela graduated in Latin at London University in 1971 and subsequently gained post-graduate qualifications in Librarianship (1974) and Information Technology (1989). This book is the result of her passion for one of Professor Tolkien’s most beloved heroes.

The book is 450 pages long and you can pre-order it from today through all the usual channels. The official release date is the 15th of September.

You can pre-order the book at the discounted price of £20 (£25 will be the regular price) ONLY on the Luna website. E-book pre-orders will also be available on your usual platform.

And, if you are going to Oxonmoot this September, one of the Tolkien Society's major annual events, you have the option of picking up the book there and getting Angela to sign it for you. Simply choose 'delivery to Oxonmoot' at checkout. Last orders for Oxonmoot collection will be on the 31st of August.


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