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Welcome to Luna! The Authors of the Call for Papers 2017.

One year ago, Luna opened its second Call for Papers. Under the title "The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction", we invited writers to explore this theme from their own personal perspectives and inclinations. 

With their various backgrounds and interests, I am proud to introduce you to our five writers, some who are new to the Luna family, and some who are already part of it, who have shared their research with us all. Clockwise from top left:

Peter Maurits (Netherlands). Postdoctoral Fellow. "African Science Fiction and Knowledge Production". University Erlangen-Nurnberg.

Polina Levontin (Russia). MA at UCL in Comparative Literature; researcher at Imperial College at the Center for Environmental Policy.

Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso (Nigeria). MA at Swansea University in Creative Writing; writer of fiction and non-fiction, editorial member at Internation.

Robert S Malan (South Africa). Editor and writer. Senior Editor at freeflowedit.

Nick Wood (Zambia/South Africa). Ph.D. in Child Development from University of London; ClinicalTutor on a Doctoral Training Course in Clinical Psychology in the UK; Writer of science fiction and non-fiction.

The first part of the book will explore the theme from a broader perspective: Peter Maurits will introduce us to the emergence of African science fiction; Nick Wood will explore the forces shaping the development of South African speculative fiction down the ages, and Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso will explain the dangers of expectation in African speculative fiction. In the second part we focus on more specific issues: Polina Levontin will look at the representation of scientists in Nigerian science fiction, whilst Robert S Malan will take a look at the evolution of portrayals of South Africans in popular entertainment during and after Apartheid.

I cannot wait to share their articles with you all!

The book will be out by autumn - exact date TBC. Before the summer we will share more details about the individual papers, so stay tuned!

The Call for Papers 2018 will be announced on the 1st of May.


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